Trump Refuses to Endorse Paul Ryan, Keeps Laser-Like Focus on the Enemy: Congressional Republicans

You would think that a guy who is falling further and futher behind Hillary Clinton would do something to avert that free fall. Something like maintaining his focus on Hillary Clinton and getting her and her dishonesty back in the news, or doing something to divert focus away from his disastrous confrontation with the Khans.

Instead, Trump is making news for, as you might have guessed, attacking Republicans, who are definitely his problem right now:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is refusing to back House Speaker Paul D. Ryan in his upcoming primary election, saying in an interview Tuesday that he is “not quite there yet” in endorsing his party’s top-ranking elected official.

Trump also said he was not supporting Sen. John McCain in his primary in Arizona, and he singled out Sen. Kelly Ayotte as a weak and disloyal leader in New Hampshire, a state whose presidential primary Trump won handily.


Congressional Republicans say they have to line up behind Trump so that Trump can beat Hillary. Trump clearly believes that the best way to beat Hillary is to run against Congressional Republicans. I am at a loss as to why they won’t let him. If Trump believes he is best served in the general by an ongoing public spat with every Republican in Congress, then Republicans in Congress should return the favor. Withdraw their endorsements. Make it clear that Trump is running alone and on his own. Let Trump run against both them and Hillary.

It’s what he wants, so I say let him have it.

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