RNC Inadvertently Slams Trump as a Fake Republican

This is pretty incredible. One of the speakers at the Democratic convention was Republican Doug Elmets, who’s been a prominent Trump critic. Erick noticed a pretty astounding thing about the RNC’s oppo dump on Elmets. They say he’s “not a real Republican.” And why? Because he’s donated a total of $2200 to Democrats. Look:


Um. You know who else has contributed to “A Number of Democrats In the Last Twelve Years”? Donald Trump. And by “A Number of Democrats,” I mean, “A Number That is Much Larger Than the Number of Democrats Doug Elmets Has Donated To. By A Lot.”

You cannot make this stuff up. If Doug Elmets has no credibility to attack Trump because he has donated to Democrats, does Trump has credibility to support Trump, since he gave to way more Democrats? Or how about Ivanka Trump, who is also a huge Democrat donor and Corey Booker fundraiser – she was apparently a real enough Republican to get the prime speaking spot at the whole convention.

What a farce this whole thing has become.


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