CNN Poll: Hillary's Convention Speech Received Much More Favorably than Trump's

CNN did a flash poll last night of people who watched Hillary’s speech, just like they did for Donald Trump’s speech. Of course, there are a ton of caveats that go along with any of these polls – as CNN’s David Chalian notes, the people who tuned in to Hillary’s speech tend to overwhelmingly be Democrat or Democrat leaners, just like the people who tuned in to Trump’s speech tend to overwhelmingly be Trump or Trump leaners.

All that having been said, Hillary’s speech was much more positively received by those who watched it than Trump’s was by those who watched it. Hillary received overall more “positive” ratings and MUCH more “very positive” ratings from people who watched it. Here’s the CNN panel discussing the findings:

I don’t know which of the findings here is more surprising: that Hillary beat Trump in terms of positive impressions, that Hillary wins on “policies will move the country in the right direction” question, or that Hillary’s speech (and her whole convention) appears to have beaten Trump’s in the ratings battle.

Overall findings:

  • 71% of Clinton speech watchers had a “very positive” reaction to her speech, as opposed to 57% for Trump.
  • 82% of Clinton speech watchers believed her policies would move the country in the right direction, as opposed to 73% for Trump.

Clinton, it appears, got a larger audience, and made a better impression, with her convention speech.

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