The Democrats Didn't Say This Important Word even Once Yesterday

The Democrats have gone into full ostrich mode on terrorism. Sixty-one speakers took the stage at yesterday’s Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. Not one of them even made mention of the word “terrorism” or the word “terrorists.” Neither did they mention “ISIS” or “ISIL” or any other terrorist group.


Zero times. Not even once.

Look, it’s not exactly surprising to anyone that Democrats do not care about terrorism or keeping this country safe. I think if they had spent a lot of time bragging about their robust plans to keep America safe and combat terrorism, it would have just come off as fake and phony. And I get that they would much rather talk about the free unicorns and rainbows they want to pass out. Fine.

But it seems a bit… off.. to not even acknowledge that terrorism has grown increasingly prevalent in the last year. San Bernardino and Orlando were kind of big stories, to say nothing of the recent major attacks in Europe. And it also feels like you ought to at least pretend that stopping acts of public violence are one of the primary functions of government, way more than controlling wages and handing out free college educations are.

I get that Trump handles the issue in such an obnoxious and ham-handed way that he actually punts the natural Republican advantage on this issue to Hillary but to not even mention it? Not even once? Way to reinforce the fact that you legit do not care, Democrats.


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