Day One of the Democratic Convention: Gary Johnson Emerges Victorious

It’s hard to imagine a worse possible first day for the Democrats in their convention. The day started with Bernie delegates at a slow boil after the #DNCleaks revelations over the weekend basically confirmed what they believed all along: that the DNC was working against them behind the scenes. The day started with Debbie Wasserman Schultz addressing her own Florida delegation and getting booed off the stage and then went downhill from there.


Wasserman Schultz announced around midday that she would not even perform the ceremonial function of gaveling in the convention to hopefully avoid any further unsightly booing. Needless to say, it did not work.

Bernie followed this up with a personal plea for unity behind Hillary Clinton, and received deafening boos of his own for his trouble. Contrast this to the applause received by Republicans like Scott Walker who endorsed trump and made pleas for unity, and it was a striking phenomenon.

Things got even worse (if possible) from there when the DNC crowd booed the name of the Democratic nominee when it was mentioned during the opening prayer.

Then God got in on the act, dumping a torrential downpour on the city of Philadelphia that played havoc with a number of planned events and disrupted press coverage of the event.

Once the convention kicked off, the actual rhetoric was a mirror image of what the Republicans offered in Cleveland: long on scare tactics about Trump, short on any reasons to support Hillary Clinton that would be persuasive to anyone who wasn’t already committed.


If you are an uncommitted voter who watched all of the Republican convention and then day one of the Democratic convention, you would be left with the unmistakable impression that the right thing to do with your vote is not to vote for either of the clowns at the top  of the Republican and Democratic tickets.

In other words, Gary Johnson’s got you right where he wants you.


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