HILARIOUS: Hillary Claims There is an Anti-Clinton Media Bias

I’ve written on this bizarre phenomenon before, but every time Hillary says it, it’s so astounding that I can’t help but point it out again. No political family in American history has been more helped or buoyed by the media than the Clintons. The media has run such thorough interference for Clinton over the years that, as an aggregate entity, it deserves to be called the “Clinton News Network.”


Now look, does Hillary Clinton get more scrutiny than the average schlep in America? Sure. But the average schlep in America hasn’t been first lady for 8 years, Senator from New York for several more years, and run two high profile Presidential campaigns. She’s one of the most high profile political people in American history. For that high profile, she gets away with an absolutely astonishing amount, as evidenced by the disparate treatment given, say Pat Smith vs. Cindy Sheehan by the American media.

Anyway, here comes Clinton peddling her woe-is-me tale of media unfairness:

Clinton complained of a “Hillary standard” — suggesting that she faces more scrutiny than other top-level politicians.

“I often feel like there’s the Hillary standard and then there’s the standard for everybody else,” she said.

Asked to explain that, Clinton cited “unfounded, inaccurate, mean-spirited attacks with no basis in truth” which “take on a life of their own,” pointing to Republicans’ criticism at the party’s convention in Cleveland last week.

“And for whatever reasons — and I don’t want to try to analyze the reasons. I see it. I understand it,” she said. “People are very willing to say things about me, to make accusations about me that are — I don’t get upset about them anymore, but they are very regrettable.”


This really is just too much. Perhaps no one in history has been more blind to her privilege than Hillary Clinton. It’s almost like she’s trying to lose the election. Between her and Trump, Gary Johnson has to be wondering what he did right in a previous life.


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