Crack RNC Vetting Team Displays White Supremacist's Tweet on Jumbotron During Trump's Speech

If you were in the arena during the convention, you would have seen that the RNC was curating tweets from people who were tweeting about the convention and placing them on the giant Jumbotron throughout the whole thing. There weren’t really all that many – once they found one they liked, they kept it in circulation for quite some time, so it is obvious that someone was actually looking at the tweets and picking out the “good” ones as opposed to just automatically putting up every tweet with the #RNCinCLE hashtag.

Well, since Trump is involved, it was only a matter of time before they put up a tweet from a white supremacist, I suppose:


The account, of course, is one of the many, many rank white supremacist accounts that have taken to adoring Trump (FOR SOME WEIRD REASON). Here’s one of the many delightful things tweeted by that account:  

Oh no, that was not nearly all. The GOP also put up tweets from the racist website @VDare as well:


I wasn’t really watching closely or looking at all the tweets but I am sure there were many, many others. So, great job, RNC.