Trump's Speech Tonight Will Appeal to Bernie Sanders Supporters Twice. Guess How Many Times it Appeals to Supporters of other Republicans?

The text of Trump’s forthcoming speech has been leaked by Politico, and I have read the whole thing. Overall, it’s a pretty well written speech. Of course, it sounds nothing at all like Donald Trump, and it will be interesting to see if he sticks rigidly to the script and reads it woodenly from a teleprompter like he has done with previous speeches. If so, it will probably lessen the impact of what could be a pretty good moment for Trump.


One thing I was struck by is that Trump, in the text of his speech, appeals directly to supporters of Bernie Sanders – by name – twice. He appeals to them by name and further talks directly about how he will deal with issues that are important to them.

Guess how many times he appeals to supporters of other Republicans in the speech – by name, or collectively? If you guessed “zero” you are correct. It’s simply not in there. Nor is there any mention of conciliation, of the importance of putting a bruising primary behind him, nothing. Never does he even nod toward making any gesture of healing the wounds that he himself created within this party. But he bends over backwards to get the Bernie supporters on board.

Just in case you were still wondering where you, as a conservative, stood in the future in a party that is led by Trump.


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