Is This the End of Fox News as We Know It?

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

Look, at this point, all the stuff about Fox News is really nothing more than rumor mongering. But the rumors have gotten intense enough that it’s time to question whether there is some fire at the source of this smoke. As you doubtless know by now, Gretchen Carlson has sued Roger Ailes for sexual harassment, alleging a disturbing pattern of behavior that Ailes and the network have both vociferously denied.

Reports began circulating today that Megyn Kelly had also reported inappropriate behavior by Ailes, and Ailes was in fact on his way out the door. In response to this, counter rumors have begun to circulate that Fox’s night time lineup talent has threatened to follow Ailes out the door if Murdoch really does boot him.


Now listen, a network without Greta, O’Reilly, Hannity, and Eric Bolling is a network that would be well on the way to having me as a regular watcher. It would not, however, be the Fox News network as we know it. And if this talent lineup followed Ailes out the door and started their own network, they would indeed be a powerful competitor to Fox.

Of course, this is all just rampant speculation one way or another and I have no inside information as to whether any of this speculation is true or not. But if it is, one of America’s fixtures could be about to fundamentally change soon.