CIVIL WAR Breaks Out in Trump Campaign Over Melania Trump's Speech Controversy

So, it now appears that different factions of the Trump campaign are saying different things to different people about what will be done in response to the Melania Trump speech controversy. Someone within the Trump campaign told CNN unequivocally today that no one will be disciplined or fired over the controversy, and that they are moving on with no further attention being paid to it.


Here, on the other hand, is what Morning Joe – who is very close with the Trump campaign as we all know – is reporting about the Trump campaign’s reaction:


Listen, I think it’s obvious that the Morning Joe explanation makes way more sense, based on what we know about both Melania and Donald. There is no way Donald can be indifferent to the embarrassment of his wife. He absolutely has to be furious that this has unfolded in response to a speech that she, by all accounts, did not want to give.

So, different elements of the Trump campaign are saying directly contradictory things about how the campaign is going to react to what is now the story that has dominated the coverage of the first day of the convention. So, things are going awesome.


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