RNC - CHAOS in Cleveland. Chair IGNORES Successfully Filed Petition for Rules Committee Roll Call Vote (UPDATED)

CLEVELAND, OH – Reince Priebus’s attempts to avoid a roll call vote on a Rules package appear to have failed, against all expectations. This package is not just an anti-Trump package, but also includes a number of reforms that conservatives – including some pro-Trump delegates have been supportive of. [SEE UPDATES BELOW]

As reported earlier, the secretary was literally physically hiding from delegates who were attempting to file petitions to force a roll call vote. Other witnesses allege that delegates who attempted to force the issue were prevented from approaching by armed guard.


Allegedly, in spite of tremendous pressure from Priebus and the RNC applied to petition signatories, the petitions have at last been filed and accepted:

I don’t think, at the end of the day, that this effort will be successful – In fact, I would be surprised if it even got 500 votes. But the fact of its existence is an embarrassment to the Trump campaign, who is responding with their typical finesse and panache in an attempt to generate party unity:


Right now the entire situation is in borderline chaos.

Right now, at this exact moment, Enid Mickelsen, Chair of the Rules Committee, just presented the Rules Committee report and moved for the acceptance of the report. No roll call vote was taken. The chair declared the motion to accept the rules committee report passed. Massive booing and cheering about the chair’s determination that the Rules Committee report passed. The platform committee chair attempted to take the stage, but massive chanting has broken out, it appears that some delegates may have been escorted out. A motion was attempted to be made from the floor. Right now the podium is empty as the chaos gets sorted out.

[UPDATE]: After several minutes of chaos Deputy Chair Steve Womack returned to the microphone and asked for a repeat of the voice vote on the rules committee report. He again states his opinion that the ayes have it. Chants of “ROLL CALL! ROLL CALL! ROLL CALL!” Womack then recognized the delegation from Utah, who requested a roll call vote. Womack stated that initially, 9 states had filed petitions, but three withdrew, leaving the motion under the 7 states required for a roll call vote. Therefore, he says, a roll call vote cannot happen. The convention has moved on to the platform committee consideration. It appears the rules challenge and the roll call vote is dead.

[UPDATE II]: It’s not clear at this point which three states allegedly withdrew their petitions for a roll call vote, or why. Additionally, the initial reports were that 11 states had filed petitions, not 9. Who knows what pressure was applied by Priebus and/or the Trump campaign to kill the roll call vote, but it appears for now to be well and truly dead.