Hillary Clinton Promises to Gut the First Amendment Within the First 30 Days of Her Term

It would be ideal if we had even one of the major candidates in this race who was at least moderately tolerable on the First Amendment, but no such candidate exists. Hillary Clinton, like all liberals, only approves of free speech that comports with liberal ideals. And, ironically, the candidate most beholden to large corporate donors of any Presidential candidate in history is ready to amend the constitution to curtail corporate First Amendment rights:

Hillary Clinton will pledge on Saturday to introduce an amendment to the Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision within the first 30 days of her administration, an aide said Saturday.

Clinton first made the pledge to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court decision Citizens United, which opened the floodgates for outside money in politics, while campaigning in Iowa in 2015. She will tell an audience Saturday in a video to be played at Netroots Nation, a liberal organizing conference in St. Louis, that a key way to restore order to politics is to curb unaccounted money.

A Clinton aide said the plan was a “a key plank of Clinton’s plan to challenge the stranglehold that wealthy interests have over our political system” and would allow “Americans to establish common sense rules to protect against the undue influence of billionaires and special interests and to restore the role of average voters in elections.”

Obviously, this is really just red meat for the liberal base, as such an amendment would go absolutely nowhere. But it goes to show that liberals really are just totalitarians of a different stripe at heart.

Of course, Hillary Clinton isn’t even the worst candidate in the race on the First Amendment, an honor that belongs to Donald Trump by a mile:

As awful as Clinton is on this issue, at least she doesn’t openly advocate for using the court system to bully journalists who write critical articles about the sitting President, an attitude that you would expect from Vladimir Putin but not from someone who is running for President, ostensibly as a Republican.