Trump's VP Disinformation Campaign has Begun

You get the sense that the Trump campaign is desperately reacting to the first piece of actual hard news about who the VP might be by intentionally muddying the waters with as many press outlets as possible. Within hours of the news that Fox News and Newt Gingrich parted ways – a move that clearly signals SOMETHING being afoot with the former Speaker of the House, a number of news outlets began issuing contradicting clues, all allegedly from the Trump campaign:


Note, if Trump is going to choose Pence, it will almost certainly happen tonight, which makes this seem to rule out Pence:

Meanwhile, Trump himself is making noises that he has 2 secret candidates that no one knows about.

All of this might be true. Maybe it’s none of the above. Maybe it will still be Pence. But we’ve seen nothing as concrete on any front as the severance between Fox News and Newt. So, we’ll see how it all plays out.