Watch James Comey Defend Hillary Clinton By Implying that She's Not All that Bright (VIDEO)

How bad of a day was this for Hillary Clinton? Well, during the course of questioning, he was asked about a number of Hillary Clinton’s more ridiculous and demonstrably false statements about her server during the course of her campaign, and asked whether he thought those were lies. His response, basically, was that you could probably assume that about most people, but when it came to Hillary Clinton, it’s possible she really is that clueless:

Boy, it sure is a good thing for Clinton that Trump spent the entire day shooting his mouth off about his fellow Republicans otherwise this day might have mortally wounded her.


Rep. Blum: In a press conference, Secretary Clinton assured us that her private email server was secure, saying, the server was on private property guarded by the Secret Service. Now, this would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious. I know, you know, my constituents in Eastern Iowa know that you don’t have to be a cat burglar to hack into an email server, and you don’t need a cloth to wipe a server clean. Now you would think that a former United States Senator, one would think that a former Secretary of State would know this as well. Would you agree with that statement.

Comey: You would think. Although, as I said before, one of the things I’ve learned in this case is that the Secretary might not have been as sophisticated as people assumed. . . so I would assume the same thing about someone who had been a Senator and a high ranking official, I’m not sure it’s a fair assumption in this case.