The Media's Surprisingly Hostile Reaction to the Comey Report

I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised with what can only be described as a modest outbreak of the media doing their jobs after FBI Director James Comey’s tongue-lashing of Clinton’s email practices yesterday. The usual liberal idiots like Sally Kohn, Charles Blow, Oliver Willis et al tried to spin Comey’s decision not to bring charges as the “fizzling” of another “right wing scandal,” but for the most part, the media has had none of it.

The blistering and blunt tone of Comey’s comments have been simply too much for the media to ignore. While Comey will rightly be criticized for treating Clinton differently than anyone else who had done what she did, he definitely dropped a political bomb on the Clinton campaign that she will not soon recover from.

Look at this surprisingly hostile questioning that the poor State Department spox had to endure yesterday while CNN rolled video of Hillary Clinton deplaning Air Force One:

The brutal skepticism and almost outright guffaws from the assembled press, combined with the assumption in their questions that Hillary Clinton was a major security problem spell a major potential problem for Clinton as she attempts to work the campaign trail.

Ever since Clinton announced her candidacy, the liberal press has been walking an interesting line with her. Their ideological leanings would definitely prefer her as President, especially over Trump, who they universally (and correctly) regard as some sort of practical joke that is being pulled on the nation. But on the other hand, Clinton has from day one thrown up an unprecedented barrier to press access to her campaign, even going so far at some points as to utilize Secret Service to keep the press at a physical distance from her to prevent them from shouting questions at her.

Moreover, they realize that the main reason Clinton is in this pickle in the first place is that she set up this private server for the express purpose of hiding records… from them. So it seems clear that the media intends to make her feel some pain for these actions and for stonewalling them for years, even if in the end they will likely come down firmly on her side, as they always do.