Trump Incorrectly Congratulates Himself (Again) for Predicting Another Piece of Bad News

I guess that this is more or less going to be a template for things going forward. Whenever something bad happens, the first reaction Trump will have to it will be praising himself for correctly predicting it. Because that worked out great with the Orlando massacre.


The biggest problem, even bigger than the tone deaf and cliched response itself, is the fact that Trump did NOT at all go around correctly predicting that Hillary would get off because the system is totally rigged. In fact, for months he went around telling anyone who would listen that he would be “very, very surprised” if she were “allowed to run.” You can see one of the millions of times Trump said it here, if you are so inclined.

Of course, by saying it all these times, Trump was displaying his fundamental ignorance of how basically everything works. Even if Hillary Clinton were indicted on Monday, that doesn’t mean she isn’t “allowed to run.” That’s just not how anything works. Who wouldn’t allow her? The election police? But whatever – the point is that Trump whiffed on correctly predicting this one just like everything else he’s attempted to predict, and now is trying to pretend that he got it right all along. What a ridiculous human being.

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