You Literally Will Not Believe Why Trump (Allegedly) Refused to Speak All Three Nights at the Convention

That’s not a clickbait headline. You’re literally not going to believe it, because it’s not something that is capable of being believed, probably not even by Trump supporters. According to Politico, Trump said in an interview that he was asked to speak all three nights at the convention. He would not name who allegedly asked him to do this and the story smells like BS from top to bottom.

The whole point of these carefully scripted conventions is to build the anticipation for the final event, which is the actual candidate speaking. Having Trump speak on all three nights would defeat the entire point. That’s especially true in light of the fact that Trump really only has one speech. Having Trump speak all three nights is the worst idea that anyone could think of.

Still, you can’t completely rule it out in light of the fact that the people you’d otherwise want to speak at the convention have been turning down the, uh, opportunity* right and left, not wanting to be part of any charade that involves people expressing public support for Donald Trump.

Anyway, Trump claimed that some unnamed person asked him to speak at the convention every night, and he turned it down. Here comes the howler:

As organizers scramble to find Republicans willing to speak at the party’s convention later this month in Cleveland, Donald Trump said in an interview published Friday that even he rejected a request to speak on each night of the festivities.

“What they’ve asked me to do is to speak all three nights. I turned it down,” Trump told the New York Times, explaining his worry that it would make him seem egocentric. He did not say who had asked him.

I don’t want people to think I’m grandstanding, which I’m not,” he said. “But it would get high ratings.”

Ah, yes. Trump just cannot bear the thought of himself being on television three nights in a row. He’s far too humble, you see, to allow such a thing to occur. He would never allow it to be thought of him that he is a grandstander, my goodness. It’s super important for Trump that people not think he is all about himself or his own publicity.

I told you that you wouldn’t believe it.

*this is one of those situations where the old saw about the Chinese character for “opportunity” and “crisis” being the same thing works, but only in reverse.

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