BREAKING: Mike Pence Trump VP Rumors Getting Louder

Yesterday, rumors started to circulate that Indiana governor Mike Pence was “in play” as a possible Trump VP pick. I largely dismissed these rumors because it doesn’t really make sense for either guy. Pence has a tough re-election coming up and it doesn’t make sense that he would abandon it for a suicide run as Trump’s VP. Plus, Pence was a Cruz endorser which drew bitter criticism from Trump.

The pieces didn’t seem to fit. I chalked it up to the Trump campaign trying to create Pence VP buzz, especially since the Pence camp was adamant that they had had no direct contact with the Trump campaign.

Now, however…


I still think the whole Pence idea doesn’t really make sense for Pence, and would be surprised if it didn’t end up being Christie in the end. That having been said, Pence has to know that allowing news of this meeting to leak will do nothing but fuel the speculation, and seems okay with that result. And the Trump campaign has to know that Pence is a better option for them than Christie, who really can’t do anything to consolidate Trump’s weakness within the GOP (with social conservatives in particular).

So, we’ll see.

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