Some GOP Senators Like Trump Now that he is Chained to Barack Obama's Favorite Device

At least, that is the scoop if Jeff Sessions is to be believed. You really just don’t even know what to say about this stuff at this point. I suppose it says something for party loyalty that people are this desperate for a reason to jump on board the Trump train. Via Politico:


Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, Trump’s original Senate backer, said he’s had several colleagues relay compliments about Trump’s more targeted messaging style and said that Trump is “feeling more comfortable using the Teleprompter.”

“It certainly produced more positive feedback from Senate members that I’m running into. They like the speeches, they think they’re well crafted,” Sessions said. “I would assume the good feedback he’s getting would encourage him to do more of that.”

Look, by any objective measure, Donald Trump is bad at using the teleprompter. He’s halting, it’s painfully obvious that he’s reading, and his speeches that utilize it have none of the entertainment value that an extemporaneous Trump speech does. Worse, he frequently mispronounces the words that other people write for him, which reinforces the idea that he has no idea what he is talking about.

However, when he is chained to the teleprompter, at least he is not dropping nuclear bombs that cause fallout radiation to fall on other Republicans. And that is all they can reasonably hope for at this point. It really goes to show how much the average Senate Republican just cowers in fear for keeping their job on a more or less constant basis.


Meanwhile, in an encouraging sign, an increasing number of Republican Senators are just not having it:

“Today, I’m opposed to his campaign,” said Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada. “He did a lot of damage. It’s very difficult for him, as far as I’m concerned, to recover from his previous comments. I’ll give him a chance, but at this point, I have no intentions of voting for him.”



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