Trump's Support CRATERS in Latest National Poll

You don’t hear Trump talk about polls so much anymore for some weird reason. It could be because the most recent poll that showed Trump with a lead in a national poll was the ABC/WaPo poll from mid-may that showed him with a two point lead over Clinton. ABC/WaPo has just released another poll, and it shows that Trump’s support has cratered, and that he now trails Clinton by a whopping 12 points.

Like other recent polls, this one shows that Trump’s unpopularity is broad, deep, and likely not reversible.

Hillary Clinton surged to a broad advantage against Donald Trump in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, capitalizing on Trump’s recent campaign missteps. Two-thirds of Americans see him as biased against groups such as women, minorities or Muslims, and a new high, 64 percent, call Trump unqualified to serve as president.

The national poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, finds another apparent impact of Trump’s problems: Perhaps benefitting from comparison, Barack Obama’s job approval rating has gained 5 points, to 56 percent, matching its high since the early days of his presidency. That includes 55 percent approval specifically on handling the economy.

As we have noted here before, Clinton’s attacks are simply more effective against Trump than Trump’s attacks against Clinton are likely to be:

Americans by 68-28 percent think his comment about Judge Gonzalo Curiel was racist. Regardless of whether or not it was racist, 85 percent say it was inappropriate.

While most Americans disapprove of Clinton’s handling of her email while secretary of state (34-56 percent, approve-disapprove), they’re equally disenchanted with Trump’s handling of questions about Trump University (19-59 percent, with more undecided).

Most generally, the public by 56-36 percent, a 20-point margin, says Trump is standing against their beliefs as opposed to standing up for their beliefs.

And, as further confirmation that he absolutely blew it in his response to an issue that should have been in his political wheelhouse:

Clinton, further, receives substantially better marks than Trump’s for her response to the lonewolf terrorist attack June 12 in Orlando, Florida: Americans by an 18-point margin, 46-28 percent, say Clinton did a better job than Trump overall in responding to the attack.

Trump’s candidacy is already dead. It’s just a matter of whether the Republican delegates are going to let it continue its zombie walk for another four months or not.

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