How Bad is Trump's Fundraising Operation? He Almost Finished FOURTH... in MAY.

Yesterday during the Internet-wide meltdown regarding the bizarrely abrupt termination of Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, an unnamed source in the Trump campaign leaked to the media that Trump handled the Lewandowski firing this way on purpose, because he wanted a news cycle about it:


At the time, pretty much everyone scoffed at this assertion as an obvious after-the-fact attempt to make it look like the Trump campaign knew what they were doing with respect to Lewandowski. Now, however, I’m not so sure – after seeing Trump’s FEC report, pretty much everything would be a preferable story to Trump’s awful month of May.


How bad was Trump’s May fundraising effort? Well, let’s put it this way. The Indiana primary was the third day of May. On that day, Ted Cruz suspended his campaign and ceased fundraising operations. Trump, on the other hand, effectively sewed up the nomination on that day and proceeded to have a unity bounce in the polling, accompanied by a joint fundraising effort with the RNC and the endorsement of most Republican politicians.


In spite of that, Donald Trump got outraised by Hillary Clinton by a margin of over 10-to-1 in May. He also got clobbered by Bernie Sanders. But for the true indication of how bad Trump’s fundraising totals were for May, you need to understand that Trump almost finished fourth behind Ted Cruz for May fundraising totals.


That’s right. Ted Cruz spent a grand total of two and a half days collecting funds in May, and pulled in a total of about $2.6 million dollars. Trump spent the whole month fundraising, part of which was with the help of the RNC, and took in.. just over $3.1 million dollars.



Disaster is looming over the horizon for this campaign. Anyone who donates to Trump will have their name listed on his donor registry forever and ever, and by now no one wants that on their permanent record. Trump’s embarrassing cash on hand total is less than most Congressional candidates have – there is no way he can run a national campaign with less than $1.4 million in the bank.


People got mad at Erick for saying the Trump campaign was a vehicle for people who have failed in life to feel like they are winners. Based on the donor report, Erick was right that no one with disposable income is inclined to follow Trump. Alternately, those who do have never believed in having “skin in the game” where politics is concerned, which is why Ted Cruz was clobbering Trump in the delegate selection game before his campaign ended.


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