Trump Co-Chair: Either Support Trump or "Shut the Hell Up."

Showcasing the trademark reasoning and persuasive skills that we have come to expect and love from the Trump campaign, Trump’s national Co-Chair (and proud owner of the world’s fattest face) Sam Clovis had a message today for Republicans who are hesitant to get on board with the Trump campaign:

Well, I guess those are the only two options. Nothing else to be done. Sam Clovis has spoken. If you are a Republican, you have surrendered your right to think or speak any word against the Republican nominee. You can dutifully bow in submission to Trump or you can shut the hell up.

And if you happen to be an elected member of a coequal branch of government, this applies double to you, buddy. Who do you think you are to oppose a Presidential candidate, as a mere duly elected Constitutional officer, Ben Sasse and Mark Kirk? You’ll keep your mouth closed if you know what’s good for you, plebes.

Via Allahpundit.

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