New ABC/WaPo Poll: Everyone Hates Donald Trump

ABC and the Washington Post have just released a poll, and it is remarkable just how much virtually the entire country hates Donald Trump. Sure, Hillary Clinton is unpopular, but Trump is hated – by enormous, overwhelming, and completely unprecedented amounts.


Overall, 70% of Americans view Trump unfavorably, which is remarkable in and of itself, but even more remarkable is the fact that 56% of Americans have a view of Trump that is “strongly unfavorable.” Just in case you are wondering, “strongly unfavorable” is code for “will never, ever vote for.”

Literally every group in America dislikes Trump. The last holdout in previous polls was white voters without a college education, who viewed him slightly favorably in the last ABC/WaPo poll. In May’s poll, these voters had a +14 favorable view of Trump, now they have a -7 unfavorable view of Trump.

Every other group in America despises Trump much, much worse. He has a -38 favorability rating among independents. He has a -54 favorability rating among women. He has an absolutely astounding (but not surprising) -78 rating among Hispanics… and -20 favorability rating among whites. Voters of every income strata dislike Trump by at least -30%. There are also increasing signs that Trump’s unity bounce is good and over:


On the Republican side, an even higher 34 percent express unfavorable views of Trump, reversing about half of the gains Trump made from April (42 percent unfavorable) to May (28 percent).

Some portion of these people who view Trump unfavorably may yet end up voting for him because they dislike Hillary worse (although the poll indicates that Hillary is overall disliked MUCH less broadly and deeply than Trump). However, the number of people who actually like Trump and are excited to vote for him has pretty much been reduced to either people who are not paying attention, or garbage human beings, open racists, demagogues, or the not very bright. Which is to say, it’s back to where it was when this whole thing started.


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