Report: Obama to Beg Bernie to End His Kamikaze Run at Hillary

President Obama has been doing his best impression of neutrality throughout the Democrat campaign season, although if you read between the lines, he’s been increasingly hinting at support for his former Secretary of State, especially since it looks increasingly likely that she will get the delegates she needs (with the help of pledged superdelegates) to win at the convention outright.


For his part, Bernie Sanders DGAF. He is promising to fight it out through next week’s DC primary, and on to the convention, where he promises that he and his supporters are going to cause a “messy” convention. According to multiple reports, President Obama is going to meet with Bernie later this week, hat in hand, to basically beg Bernie to call off the dogs.

Sanders will meet with President Barack Obama in their second White House sitdown this primary season and the fourth time they’ve spoken in the last month. Aides said Obama would work to move Sanders toward an acceptance of Clinton as the nominee.

An aide to Joe Biden says the vice president “plans on speaking to both (Clinton and Sanders) in the near future,” but Biden will not be at the Sanders-Obama meeting. He also won’t offer any endorsement before those conversations, the aide said.

In their meeting, Obama won’t directly ask Sanders to exit the race, and senior Democrats say it’s unlikely Obama will make any joint appearances with Clinton before next week’s primary, the final nominating contest this year. However, a formal Obama endorsement could come earlier — perhaps as early as Thursday — though not before Obama sits down with Sanders.



I would say that this whole spectacle is kind of degrading to Obama and the office but if there’s one thing that Obama has shown that he is really good at, it’s going with his hat in hand to people who he’s much more important than and bowing in supplication, so maybe he’s the ideal man for the job.


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