Kasich: Yeahhhhhh, I'm Probably Not Going to Endorse Trump (VIDEO)

America’s foremost goober sat down with Fox News’s Bill Hemmer this morning, and of course the subject of Donald Trump came up. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Kasich kind of kicked ass in this interview. In between all the weirdness and gooberism, he displayed a lot of conviction and principle and deftly batted aside a lot of false choices from Hemmer:


Bill Hemmer: Will you support Donald Trump for President?

John Kasich: Hard to say. You know, if they look at Twitter, they have this thing called “trending”? It’s trending poorly. Uh, yeah. I mean, look, I have a completely different message, you know, and um, you know, Mr. Trump called me and said, “What are you gonna do to support me? And I said, we’re like two companies, and we have a different vision, and a different value system and a different objective. So, uh, it’s pretty hard to put that together. But right now, the divisiveness, the division, the name calling, it doesn’t go down well with me.

Hemmer: When did you talk to him?

Kasich: I dunno. A couple weeks ago?

Hemmer: A couple weeks ago… do you want to talk to him again?

Kasich: Don’t know. Ball’s in his court. But frankly, this latest thing about this judge, is just… it’s terrible. It’s terrible. You know, I think the country needs a leader that can unify. The country needs a leader who can inspire confidence in everyone… then when you take a look at some of the policy stuff, we don’t have to deal with entitlements? Are you kiddin’ me? Of course we have to deal with entitlements, we have to modernize them. And we do have to balance budgets, and you can’t do it out of waste, fraud and abuse….

Hemmer: You are the host governor for the convention that comes to Ohio in 40 days. Are you saying it’s possible you can walk into that arena in Cleveland, Ohio and not endorse?

Kasich: Absolutely. Of course…. I mean, I’m not going to endorse Hillary Clinton, that’s for sure.

Hemmer: But I mean, as between Hillary Clinton and Trump…

Kasich: It’s not that simple. It’s not simple. I’ve said from the beginning that if somebody came into Ohio and they were a divider that they couldn’t win the state. It’s not on me how Donald Trump does in Ohio, it’s on him… why would I feel compelled to support somebody whose positions I kind of fundamentally disagree with?

Hemmer: You know, it doesn’t sound like you’re on the fence.

Kasich: You know, I’m giving him a chance.

Hemmer: It doesn’t sound like it.

Kasich: He’s trending the wrong way with me. Look at what’s happened with this judge… that’s not good, Bill.

Hemmer: There are millions of people who voted for him.

Kasich: Yeah. Okay? I didn’t.

Hemmer: You challenged him and you lost, I assume this is not sour grapes…

Kasich: No.

Hemmer: What do you say to them (the people who voted for him)?

Kasich: I know what it takes to be a good leader, and I think we were all hoping it would get better, but if anything, it’s gotten worse!

Hemmer: So there’s no chance you’re going to be his running mate.

Kasich: There was never a chance of that.


Wow. Kasich is still kind of weird and offputting in his behavior, but he definitely has some clarity in his thoughts about Trump, that’s for sure.


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