Jake Tapper Slams Media for "Ridiculously Sycophantic" Behavior at Hillary Presser (VIDEO)

This entire election season has been nothing but a race to the bottom and the press is all too happy to join the race right along with Trump and Clinton. During her press conference after clinching the nomination, a reporter literally “asked” Hillary Clinton, “People just come up to you and they get tears in their eyes. Do you feel the weight of what this means for people?”


Jake Tapper has been consistently hard (and fair) on Donald Trump during this election cycle, but he’s also been hard on the rest of his colleagues in the media for what he sees as the ridiculous soft pedaling of Hilary Clinton. Here he is yesterday (via Mediaite) railing on the reporters’ questions that were asked, which he called “ridiculously sycophantic”:

The media has screwed the pooch this election in two important ways. One, they gave Donald Trump a billion dollars in free advertising in the primary, and two, they have given Hillary Clinton an almost equal in-kind contribution in terms of their absurdly favorable coverage of her campaign. Those two things combined are going to likely end up with a Clinton presidency, which of course is what they wanted all along.


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