Rats from a Sinking Ship: Two More Republican Senators Say they Won't Vote for Trump

Rats from a Sinking Ship: Two More Republican Senators Say they Won't Vote for Trump

Senator Ben Sasse is feeling a lot less lonely these days, as he is now not nearly the only Republican in the Senate on record as saying that he will not be voting for Trump in November. After Lindsay Graham took back his endorsement and Susan Collins followed up with saying she was open to voting Hillary, two more Senators this afternoon officially jumped ship.

The first is Mark Kirk, who is up for re-election and is already facing a brutal fight. Trump won his home state in the primary, so Kirk has to feel really desperate to make this move:


Also Jeff Flake didn’t go so far as to say that he definitely won’t vote for Trump, but it certainly sounds like he is inching in that direction:

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) on Tuesday doubled down on his skepticism of Donald Trump, saying he currently doesn’t believe he’ll support the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee in November.

“As of now, unless he changes significantly, I can’t see myself voting for Donald Trump,” Flake told reporters, according to Bloomberg News, on Tuesday.

Well, Trump isn’t changing significantly – not now, not ever. So add Flake to the list – a list that now runs the gamut of Republicans from the most liberal (Collins) to among the most conservative (Sasse).

It’s clear that Trump’s comments about Curiel, coming less than a month after Trump was supposed to show his new, refined image, have convinced Republicans that Trump will never change and intends to bring them all down with him, so they are abandoning ship faster than you can count them.

Even Bob Corker, who has been vocal about unifying behind Trump and obviously auditioning for a VP spot was forced to say this morning that he doesn’t even know if Trump is fit to hold the office.

I guess Trump thinks that he and Jeff Sessions can win and take on the whole country together.

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