Guess Which Prominent Fox News Contributor and Trump Backer is ALSO a Member of "La Raza"!

Wow. Shocker. Regular Fox News personality and The Five contributor Kim Guilfoyle is a member of the exact same group that Gonzalo Curiel is a member of. All credit for digging this bit up goes to the indomitable SooperMexican, who noted that she has both claimed on air to belong to the group, and also claimed so on an online bio from 2008:

I know she’s a La Raza lawyer’s association member because she SAID SO on “the Five” a few months back, and said that they really helped her out, and they weren’t racist at all. But Trump-humpers online know better, I’m sure. There’s also a bio of her online from 2008 where her membership is documented. 

Of course, here’s the thing: the group to which Guilfoyle (and Curiel) belong is NOT the radical left-wing group National Council of La Raza. They are totally different things. However, Trump and all his brain dead minions have been loudly proclaiming that they are.

The few Trumpkins who have two brain cells to rub together have claimed that even though they are not the same thing, they are basically the same thing because the Curiel/Guilfoyle organization has a link to La Raza on their website. Therefore, the “reasoning” goes, Curiel (and, I guess, Kim Guilfoyle!) are both obviously Mexican supremacists who obviously can’t give Trump a fair hearing.

Thanks to Aaron Gardner for the find!

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