BREAKING: Marco Rubio Responds to Trump's Racist Remarks about Gonzalo Curiel

Greetings, Republicans who have endorsed Trump. Welcome to your new life. From now on, whenever you want to appear on television to discuss something that is of interest to you or your constituents, you will instead get to spend the vast majority of the interview being confronted with the latest stupid/offensive thing Donald Trump has said, and asked if you still stand behind him in spite of them.


The latest to experience this phenomenon was Marco Rubio, who sat down with Orlando area reporter Christopher Heath for an interview with a local ABC affiliate to discuss Rubio’s future plans, including a potential 2016 Senate bid. Here is what happened next.


You have to imagine that Rubio is saying to himself at this point, “Okay, so far so good. I’m killing it. People are asking me about future political aspirations, that means they still like me. Keep them hanging, Marco. Bob and weave. Never let ’em see you coming. I could do this all day. Moving right along, let’s talk about some Senate business maybe… oh, wait…”

Rubio: “Well that’s okay, now we’ve got that out of the way, maybe we can talk about something else…”


Rubio: “Alright, I feel like we’ve probably covered that ground, right? Oh, you want to know how Hispanic voters are going to take this? Oh jeez, um…”

Rubio: “Hey, why am I sweating all of a sudden? Surely we can talk about something else now, right? I mean… oh, you want to know how I can still support him. Oh, brother.”


Rubio: “Oh God, I just had to answer a question about a guy I endorsed last week with ‘I warned you this is what was going to happen.’ Is this interview over yet?”


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