Trump Doubles Down on Racist Attacks Against Gonzalo Curiel (VIDEO)

The Federal Judge who is hearing the Trump University case is from Indiana. His parents, who became legal citizens of the United States in the 1920s and 30s, are from Mexico. Back when Donald Trump was palling around with Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats, Gonzalo Curiel was a federal prosecutor who was living in hiding because his aggressive pursuit of Mexican drug cartels had angered the cartels so much, they put a contract out on his life.

Gonzalo Curiel is every bit as much of an American as Donald Trump is. Their families have been in this country for about the exact same amount of time. And while Donald Trump has talked tough about a wall that he admitted to the NYT Editorial board that he probably won’t build, Gonzalo Curiel made a career out of actually stopping violent crime at the border, and putting those responsible behind bars.

However, Curiel has made rulings against Trump that have angered Trump. So Trump, instead of just criticizing his rulings, has stated his claim that Curiel is ruling against him because he is a “Mexican,” even though he demonstrably is not. Trump has taken a lot of fire over the course of the day for suggesting that Gonzalo Curiel cannot do his job because of his heritage, which is the dictionary defintion of racism. If any Republicans were hoping that Trump might soften his tone or walk back this despicable attack, they haven’t been paying attention.

CNN just now aired this clip of Trump with Jake Tapper, and you should watch it now in its entirety, because it is truly something to behold.

Repeatedly, Trump makes the directly contradictory claims that a) he can have electoral success with Hispanic voters, and b) this judge cannot be trusted to rule fairly where is concerned because he is “Mexican” and Trump supports building a wall. The part of the human brain that controls logic is apparently missing in Trump’s, because if his position on the wall means that no Mexicans can do anything other than hate him, then he is not going to win the Hispanic vote.

But more to the point, Tapper asks him, twice, the most important and self evident question ever: “You say he cannot do his job because he’s Mexican. Isn’t that the dictionary definition of racism?” The first time Trump stumbles around the question. The second time, he answers “I don’t think so,” but never offers a reason why.

Free hint for Trump: yes it is the dictionary definition of racism. If you don’t understand that, maybe that’s why you are under the mistaken belief that you are not a racist.

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