Trump Threatens to Reopen Trump University

I guess this is one way to deal with a scandal that threatens to derail Trump’s entire campaign. It’s the most uniquely Trump way of dealing with it for sure. Given the testimony from numerous prior employees and thousands of Trump University customers that Trump University was a total scam that was designed to bilk vulnerable people out of their money, Trump’s stance at this point is basically that he didn’t have enough suckers to keep it viable, but now he does:



I am betting Trump wishes he had run for President years ago. It’s allowed him to identify and target a whole vast, untapped, national market of suckers. And now he has contact information and email addresses for an absolutely enormous number of them.

After this campaign is over, win or lose, Trump’s donor list is going to be the most valuable property on the face of the earth. I bet it sells for tens of millions of dollars. Every two-bit scam artist selling an obvious sham product is going to salivate at the prospect of having at their fingertips the contact information for people who have actually forked over money to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Provided, of course, that Trump just doesn’t keep it for himself and use it to restart Trump University, as he is threatening.


Note: the reason he calls it Trump U(?), most likely, is that he’s under court order that prevents him from calling it a University, since it obviously isn’t one. Either that, or….



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