Trump Campaign Releases a Video Defending Trump University... that is Itself a Scam

So the Trump campaign has released a video with purported testimonials from Trump University students which I guess is supposed to show that Trump University was not a scam. This video features three people – none of whom have ever bought or sold real estate for a living. One of them appears to be a professional testimonial-giver for seminars, one appears to give these kinds of seminars for himself, and one of them has an ongoing business and personal relationship with the Trump family, who have allowed him to sell his protein water on a number of their properties.


I’m not really sure who this is supposed to persuade, other than the people who would be susceptible to taking the course in the first place. One of the defining characteristics of these scam seminars is that they can always find people who will star in exactly these sorts of videos who will tell you how great the program has been for them. Anyone who’s seen one of these pitches knows this.

In any event, here is the video, in case you care to see it.

Note that the first woman featured in the video, one Michelle Gunn, appears to be a professional testimonial giver for these self-help workshop scams:

The first gentlemen who is featured in the video is Kent Moyer. Kent Moyer is not in real estate at all, as his rather detailed website attests. Rather, he seems himself to be involved primarily in selling the kind of “coaching” and “seminars” that are pretty similar on their face to Trump University. I would also note per his bio that he appears to have gone to Wharton, and judging by the rest of his bio he’s about the same age as Trump, but I digress.

Even if people find real value in the consulting services that Mr. Moyer provides, he by his own admission has never actually made money selling real estate, which is what Trump University is supposed to teach you how to do.

Another of the persons featured on the video is Casey Hoban, who is also not today involved in the business of selling or buying real estate. He claims in the video that he was, either in Florida or South Carolina (he is not really clear) but one wonders if the returns from these real estate deals were so “incalculable” why he is in the business of selling protein water (instead of real estate, which is booming right now).


While Mr. Hoban does not appear to be in the business of buying and selling real estate, he does appear to be in some sort of business and personal relationship with Donald Trump and the Trump family through his protein water company, and a supporter of Trump’s.



I could go on and on but eventually I got bored of going through this guy’s twitter feed, which is 100% about his protein water company.


These are the three people the found, out of the 40,000 people who (allegedly) came through Trump University who could talk about their great experiences.

Notably, not one of these people is currently in the business of buying or selling real estate, or can offer any proof that Trump University made them successful in this endeavor, which is what it was designed to do.


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