SURPRISE: Trump's Attack on New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez was a Lie

Isn’t it weird how Trump saves his most outlandish (and least truthful) attacks for other Republicans, even though he’s already the presumptive Republican nominee and has no need to run against Republicans at all? It’s almost the guy grew up as a liberal Democrat and still is one at heart, or something.


Anyway, the latest Republican to make him angrier than Hillary Clinton ever has is New Mexico governor Susana Martinez. What was Governor Martinez’s offense? Well, she didn’t attend a rally Trump held in Albuquerque. Note, she did not say she wasn’t attending because she didn’t like Trump (although that’s probable) – in fact, the story she gave the media was that her schedule would not permit her to attend. She did not at all go full Ben Sasse or Mitt Romney or even Paul Ryan.

Nonetheless, that was enough for Trump to go on an extended rant during the rally about Martinez, the focal point of which was the allegation that Martinez was allowing large numbers of Syrian refugees into New Mexico and thus was not doing her job as governor. In the first place, numerous governors have attempted to prevent the relocation of Syrian refugees into their states and have failed; even if this were true, Martinez would not be to blame.

But it turns out, as it so often does with Trump’s attacks, that it was not true. The total number of Syrian refugees that have been settled in New Mexico since Martinez became governor? A whopping ten. Not ten thousand: ten. As in, the number of fingers you have on both hands.


Now keep in mind, Governor Martinez went out of her way to avoid being insulting to Donald Trump, or disagreeing with him publicly. She politely declined to make herself available and came up with an excuse that was at least plausible. She could have said “I will not appear on stage with a man whose poisonous rhetoric I abhor and who I feel is unfit for the Presidency,” but she did not. And how did Trump respond? By lying about her and stirring up the residents of New Mexico against her.

And by the way – there are many Republicans across the country who have not appeared with Trump at his rallies when he came to their backyard. You have to ask yourself why Governor Martinez got singled out for this treatment in the first place. If you don’t think the fact that she’s latina and female had anything to do with it, then you haven’t been paying attention to Trump all along.



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