Hillary's Fundraisers are Desperate: Donald Trump Isn't Scaring their Donor Base

Politico has a schadenfreudelicious bit this morning on how Hillary’s troubles putting Bernie away have affected her small donor base, and the panic her fundraising team is privately venting that the nomination of Donald Trump hasn’t led to a massive rush of donations like they expected.


With Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump running neck and neck in national polls, the former secretary of state is trying to use the prospect of a tight general election battle to replenish her war chest.

Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, sounded a note of alarm in a fundraising email to supporters on Friday, lamenting the fact that small donors have not stepped up the way the campaign thought they would in the face of a matchup with Trump.

Here’s the reality – neither of the two major candidates has much to actually commend them to voters right now. This entire campaign – on both sides – is going to consist almost entirely of trying to scare voters about the prospect of their opponent becoming President.

And given their respective unfavorability ratings, there’s evidence that everyone is already plenty scared. The problem is that most people are scared of either of these clowns becoming President. Many people have an opinion that one or the other is slightly worse, but it’s by no means an easy call for the vast majority of Americans. And that sort of dynamic is not exactly one that will get people to open up their pocket books, even if it is ultimately successful in driving them to the polls.


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