Everyone, Welcome Barack Obama and MSNBC to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy

In this Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015, photo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton listens to a home care worker during a roundtable discussion on home care in Los Angeles. U.S. District Judge Richard Leon has given the State Department a few months to provide The Associated Press with thousands of documents it sought in a federal lawsuit. The Aug. 7, order means the documents, including schedules and calendars from the former Secretary of State will be released months ahead of the spring presidential primary elections. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

The Clinton campaign has responded to the devastating State Department report on her email practices, and the response a doozy (although a predictable one). The basic gist of the response is that the report validates her email practices and that anyone who says differently is obviously a part of the vast right wing conspiracy arrayed against her:


“The report shows that problems with the State Department’s electronic record keeping systems were longstanding and that there was no precedent of someone in her position having a State Department email account until after the arrival of her successor,” Fallon said in a statement.

Fallon also slammed Clinton’s “political opponents” for making sure to “misrepresent this report for their own partisan purposes.”

“Contrary to the false theories advanced for some time now, the report notes that her use of personal email was known to officials within the Department during her tenure, and that there is no evidence of any successful breach of the Secretary’s server,” he said.

Uh, well, you know who disagreed with the idea that the use of her personal email was in any way fine or that it was known to the appropriate people at State Department? Barack Obama’s State Department, that’s who. They are the ones who noted that “The audit says that none of the senior State Department officials in charge of information security were asked to approve Clinton’s email arrangement. They would not have done so if asked, they said, according to the audit.”

And you know who has noted that this affair can and should have hurt Clinton politically? MSNBC, who noted:


But the findings on Clinton are sure to reverberate through the 2016 presidential campaign, as her spokesman, Brian Fallon, noted in a statement.

* * *

The State Department’s auditors challenge some of the fundamental assertions Clinton has been making about why her use of personal email for government business was not improper.

A federal law requires the preservation of government records, and Clinton has said that since most of her emails were sent to people on the State Department system, she was complying.

But the audit says that “sending emails from a personal account to other employees at their Department accounts is not an appropriate method of preserving any such emails that would constitute a federal record.”

MSNBC also noted that two of the specific claims made by Clinton during the course of this scandal were flat out lies:

The audit says that some State Department officials tried to offer different solutions to Clinton’s email situation but were rebuffed.

At one point, an official suggested Clinton carry two devices, but that suggestion was rejected.

Two information technology officials who support the secretary raised concerns about Clinton’s use of personal email in late 2010 and raised the issue with their boss, the audit says.

The director of the unit that supported the secretary’s information technology “instructed the staff never to speak of the Secretary’s personal email system again.”


And the report also gives the lie to Fallon’s statement that if Clinton had known of any better way to do it, she would have complied, as they both noted that Clinton was approached on multiple occasions about problems with her private email server, but she blew off these concerns.

At this point, pretty much everyone, including Hillary Clinton’s political allies, knows that her use of a private server was a major problem and that everything she has said about it to this point is a lie. Welcome to the Vast right wing conspiracy, everyone.


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