I TOLD YOU SO: Trump's SCOTUS List merely a Suggestion (VIDEO)

I said yesterday that you would have to be a giant, monumental sucker to believe that Trump actually meant he would pick one of the 11 names on his SCOTUS nomination short list. I was pooh poohed by people who are really wanting a reason to believe in and vote for Trump.


I really kind of expected it to take more than about five hours for Trump to prove me right, but I was wrong.


Helpful reminder: Believe nothing that falls out of Trump’s mouth between now and the first Tuesday in November. He doesn’t mean it – and even if he does mean it, he probably won’t still mean it tomorrow. The chances that he will continue to mean it next January are basically zero.

By the way, Hannity? Way to conduct a tough interview, buddy. You really pressed him hard on his fealty to the list he released just earlier that day, I mean… Baghdad Bob would be proud of your integrity.



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