Trump's SCOTUS List is Meaningless because the Word of a Pathological Liar is Worthless

Donald Trump has released a list of people who he is apparently going to consider for Supreme Court nominees to replace Antonin Scalia. Off the top of my head the only two names I recognize are Sykes and Willett, who are of course great nominees.


As to the rest, I don’t really plan to do even cursory research about their records, neither do I care. The whole point of this is to allay conservative fears and “prove” that he is better than Hillary because at least he will nominate conservative justices to the Supreme Court. Trump even says so himself:

Trump said in March he planned to release the list of potential nominees to ease concerns about his conservative credentials in the Republican primary.

He said then the list would include judges “that everybody respects, likes and totally admires” and “great conservative judges, great intellects, the people that you want.”

Look, if you’re an absolute sucker who’s decided to defenestrate your discernment in order to ease your conscience about pulling the lever for a mentally unstable person in November, you might believe this. If, however, you have a functioning long term memory, you will remember that Trump has lied or flip-flopped about literally everything during the course of this primary.

He just flat out lied or made up interactions between himself and Paul Ryan, and Marco Rubio, and Bob Vander Plaats, lies that were exposed by the written record. He lied about whether he ever acted as his own spokesman. He lied about whether he opposed the Iraq war before it started. He lied about his involvement in the Iran prisoner release.


He flip flopped about his unequivocal promise to release his taxes before the election. Literally the day after becoming the presumptive nominee, he flip flopped on the minimum wage. He flip flopped on his own tax plan. In a closed door session with the New York Times, he flip flopped on his signature promise, which is to build a wall. He flip flopped on the pledge to support the Republican nominee. His own campaign people have overtly said that everything Trump says is just a “suggestion” or an opening bargaining position.


Doing this stuff comes as easily as breathing to Donald Trump. His unrelenting dishonesty and malleability even puts Bill Clinton to shame. And we are supposed to believe that this list, which costs Donald Trump nothing at all, is an iron clad promise and we can totally believe that this list isn’t just a “suggestion” or an “opening bargaining position” with Democrats, and that he won’t end up nominating another Souter.

Sorry, pass. I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday.


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