Jar Jar Carson's Amazing Search for Trump's VP

Let’s let this be point of evidence roughly one billion regarding the fact that Trump hires really crappy people who are not at all suited for the positions that he hires them for. For reasons that are not clear to anyone, Trump put Carson on his VP search committee.


One of the things that’s very important for any such committee is to maintain as much secrecy as the candidate desires. Sometimes, they don’t want very much because they want to basically market test names and will be fine with some level of purposeful leaking. Other times, like in 2008, secrecy is of the utmost value. But the main thing is, you have to be willing to maintain whatever level of message discipline that the candidate wants you to.

Now for most people this isn’t really very hard, but for Jar Jar Carson it has been nearly impossible. Less than two weeks ago Carson got himself in trouble for talking out of school and suggesting that Trump might select a Democrat for VP. Then he apparently leaked Trump’s short list for selections to the Washington Post – a list that included, among other people, Marco Rubio, who had already definitively ruled out being Trump’s VP in a scathing public statement on his Facebook page. Needless to say, Trump’s camp was again forced to angrily deny Carson’s (probably inadvertent) leak of facts that he made up in his own head.


Jar Jar Carson says that he doesn’t have any interest in serving in a Trump administration, which is a pity, because he is exactly the sort of person would hire for, say, press secretary: constantly off message, speaking out of school, not knowing his facts, and embarrassing his boss constantly. Given how well Carson has done at one of the most basic elements of participating in a VP search, we have to wonder how much he has contributed to the actual search itself.



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