Violence Erupts at Nevada Dem Convention, Adjourns under Massive Police Presence (VIDEO)

It seems perfectly obvious to me that Hillary Clinton has the Dem nomination sewn up, but tensions between her supporters and Sanders supporters continue to escalate. The latest example came at the Nevada state Democrat convention yesterday, at which liberal Democrat Barbara Boxer was roundly booed for being a Clinton supporter.


I’m not 100% sure of the details of the dispute between Sanders and Clinton supporters but Sanders at some point emerged complaining that the system was rigged and raising complaints about the rules and delegate allcoation, and demanding a recount. An actual fight broke out between supporters of Clinton and Sanders supporters, and was captured on video here:

According to Sanders supporters, the Clinton team called the cops in order to protect them being able to gavel out the convention and exit out the back door. I obviously have no dog in the Democrat fight, but this is still a pretty chilling sight:

Just in case you thought the Republicans were the only ones who were going to have some seriously negative lingering feelings in the general election.



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