Alan Grayson Loses it on MSNBC Host for Bringing Up Ethics Violations (VIDEO)

Alan Grayson is a hero of online liberals – or at least, he was the last time I read a liberal blog, which has been some years. He is also, most likely, a crook. He’s also running for the Florida Senate Seat as an “insurgent” candidate against establishment favorite Patrick Murphy. Grayson went on MSNBC today with how Joy Reid – hardly a hostile interview for liberals – and absolutely lost his smarmy mind when Reid asked him some basic questions:


You know, it’s a matter of no real importance to me who wins this particular primary, but what Alan Grayson is suggesting here is that Harry Reid – who won’t be in the Senate next year – has essentially forged documents in order to torpedo his Senate campaign. Which, hey, I am not going to rule out, knowing Harry Reid as I do.

But it certainly seems like the much simpler explanation is that the documents Joy Reid presented Grayson with are true and show that in addition to being smarmy, dishonest, and having the most gourd-shaped head in America, Grayson is also a serial violator of Congressional ethics rules.


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