New Oregon Poll Has a Shockingly Depressing Result for Trump (AND Hillary)

A local Fox station in Oregon conducted a poll of likely Oregon voters last week. The sample was taken from May 6-9th – which is to say, all surveys were conducted after both John Kasich and Ted Cruz had dropped out of the race. The poll tested the Democratic primary (Hillary leads Bernie 48-33) and a general election matchup between Hillary and Trump (Hillary leads again, 43-32).


For reasons that are not entirely clear, the poll also tested the Republican primary, which isn’t even contested anymore. And this is where things get bad for Trump – because he didn’t even clear 50% in the polls even though his opponents aren’t in the race anymore. According to this poll, he pulls in 45% of likely Republican voters, but 28% of likely Republican voters said they intended to vote for Cruz and/or Kasich even though both had already dropped out before the survey started. Another 27% responded “unsure” even though there’s only one choice left.

Doesn’t really indicate that the whole “unity” thing Trump has been pushing is going all that well.

Still, Trump is doing respectably well against Hillary in Oregon, but some of the poll’s internals show that this could be one of the worst Presidential elections in history.


Those numbers shouldn’t be seen as a ringing endorsement for either candidate, however. Among potential Trump voters, 52 percent said their vote was based more on their dislike of Clinton than Trump’s appeal. Among Clinton supporters, 43 percent said they were supporting her because they dislike him.

This is gonna get ugly, folks. And the time has never been more ripe for a third party candidate than now.


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