Let's Talk About Kayleigh McEnany's Boobs

It seems every time you turn your attention to the internet, or the Trump version of it, there is some new terrible and stupid thing happening. Usually to someone who doesn’t deserve it, often with the cheerleading, or by the design, of Breitbart. Today is of course, no exception.


Earlier this week, radio and TV host Dana Loesch, who I know and on whose show I have appeared, blisteringly attacked Kayleigh McEnany, one of CNN’s go-to Trump supporters. McEnany had the ridiculous gall to suggest that you can’t be a true conservative if you aren’t supporting Trump. Because those are the kind of dumb arguments Trump supports cherish. The more it goes against reality, the more they like it. So they LOVE that one.

In this well-deserved flaying, Loesch happened to refer to McEnany as “flat-chested.” This is a Donald trump insult from way back. He’s gone on at length about how women’s boobs look, particularly how unattractive breasts are on women who don’t like him or agree with him or “Get on their knees” in front of him. Basically a woman is flat-chested if she has the temerity to bleed from her wherever instead of sucking on Trump’s … ideas.

After this segment aired, it was reported (notice that I merely say it is reported) that McEnany is a “survivor.” She is flat-chested, they report, because she had a preventative mastectomy after finding out she has the breast cancer gene.

Let me say this at the outset: My family is likewise BRCA-positive, and my sister is a soon to be published National Geographic author on the subject. I agree that degrading or insulting women for being “flat chested” is beyond the pale of civilized discourse. Which is, of course, exactly the point Dana was trying to drive home by calling Kayleigh MacEnany “flat chested” – if you’re going to repeatedly defend a man who uses the term, you can’t be outraged when it is turned on you.


It’s not Dana’s fault that the average online Trump supporter is too dim to grasp that what Dana was doing was illustrating exactly how offensive Donald Trump is.

Moreover, Dana had no idea that McEnany had been through any such situation. Why would she? I don’t check the medical history of people who are on CNN or Fox or MSNBC every time I’m going to write negatively about them. Who does? And you know who else doesn’t check such things? Donald Trump. Do you think he had any idea about which specific disability afflicted Serge Kovaleski when he savagely mocked him for it on live television?

Yes, Kayleigh, you’re living in The Donald’s world now; one you helped created. It’s what Dana has repeatedly stated that she was highlighting with her rant. There is nothing in there that Trump doesn’t say routinely, both before and during a Presidential campaign, even from the actual stage.

Do we forget that he mocks disabled people? That he belittles womens’s looks? That indeed he has quite a lot of demeaning things to say about women? Do we forget that he calls people dumb and loser and liar and sweaty and “little” and … oh that’s right, FLAT CHESTED??

Now there is an outrage machine in full roar. Laughably, hysterically, almost unbelievably, Trump’s shock troops from Twitter are in screaming, pearl-clutching, retribution mode. Yes, the ones who have said things about Megyn Kelly that I can’t reprint here. Yes, the ones who use the word “cuck” as an actual hashtag to identify their tweets. Yes, the ones who cheer every insult their orange leader shouts from his podium. Those people are outraged over this. And they’re pushing so hard that there is talk of a boycott of Dana’s sponsors. Seriously.


Meanwhile, they will slavishly march to the polls in November, wearing their “Make America Great Again” trucker hats that they bought from … someone who routinely calls women “flat chested.”

It’s almost too much to believe. It’s almost inconceivable.

But even with all that said, there are some, even among the good guys, who think it is appalling that Dana insulted the breasts of a survivor.

Only she didn’t. She didn’t do that. I don’t mean because she didn’t know in advance. I mean because apparently McEnany isn’t that. She has not had breast cancer, so you can drop “survivor” right there. But even more significantly, according to the Daily Caller, she hasn’t had a mastectomy.

Let that sink in. She hasn’t even had the procedure that is the supposed cause of the outrage. In fact, the opposite is the case. The Daily Caller’s Betsy Rothstein, in the most buried lede in history, reports that McEnany actually had breast implants and is “planning” to have a mastectomy at some point. Now look, I don’t know whether she has or has not had a mastectomy – all I know is that the very source people are using to claim that McEnany has already had a mastectomy actually says this:

For another, McEnany learned in her early twenties that she is BRCA 1 positive, the gene mutation for breast cancer. She had implants put in and is planning to follow through with a double mastectomy.


She hasn’t even had the surgery. She had breast implants. At least, according to the very source everyone is citing for the proposition that she’s had a mastectomy.

This story is a blown-up, inflated controversy that has been planted with precision to attack an effective voice against Donald Trump. That is what this is. You may wish to stay out of it now, but if you oppose Trump, you won’t be able to stay out of it forever. His incredibly loyal, incredibly rabid army of darkness online will come for you eventually, too. Because they operate like their leader: with dishonesty, without boundary, and with extreme, despicable, visceral hatred.

Watch your back.



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