Trump: We'll Just Print Money to Avoid the Default I Specifically Advocated for on Saturday

Just in the last couple of weeks, Donald Trump has advocated a number of economic policies that would have the known effect of plunging the United States into a recession, and more specifically devaluing United States currency. His ongoing rhetoric on starting foolish and ill-advised trade wars has been rightly lampooned as a recipe for disaster since his campaign began.


In the last week, he’s also tacked on a couple of policy ideas that would have the known effect of drastically devaluing United States currency: allowing the United States to default on their debt and (today) just printing more money to avoid the default he specifically advocated for on Saturday.

It’s easy to write this stuff off as just another example of Trump not knowing what the hell he is talking about and/or talking out of both sides of his mouth, and that’s probably the case here. But you do have to ask, who would benefit from such a move? Who, other than a long time buddy of Donald Trump’s who has made a substantial portion of his money by betting against sovereign currency? None other than George Soros, of course.

Keep in mind, Trump has a lengthy history of using him connections with government to benefit himself and his friends. We shouldn’t rule out the possibility that his own pecuniary gain (or the pecuniary gain of his allies) is the reason Donald Trump does or suggests anything.



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