The GOP's Non Compos Mentis Nominee

The United States has a nuclear arsenal that is large enough to destroy all human life on the planet. Now hold that thought for a minute, because I’m gonna digress, but I will come back to it later.


I want you to imagine for a minute that someone came up to you on the street – someone that you knew absolutely nothing about. They look more or less reasonable at first glance, but the first thing they say to you is that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the plot to assassinate JFK. When you responded with a kind of blank stare, they said that this was covered in a MAJOR PUBLICATION and they wonder why more people aren’t talking about it. When you inquire what this MAJOR PUBLICATION might be, they respond “the National Enquirer, obviously.”

Your first response might be to chuckle, as though they were making a funny joke of some sort. But then you realize that this person you’re talking to is dead serious. “I’m just saying,” our hypothetical stranger says, “it seems like way more people should be talking about it.”

At this point, you’d begin backing slowly away and mentally making excuses for why you don’t have any spare change on hand. Because the person you’re talking with – even if they happen to be wearing a nice suit and have their hair reasonably combed, is clearly not a person in full control of their mental faculties. In fact, you probably at this point suspect that they are a mental patient of some sort who hasn’t remembered to take their medication for weeks and likely lives alone with at least 20 cats and walls that are decorated with thousands of pictures of the same B-list celebrity, but with the eyeballs all mysteriously cut out – with, like, an exacto knife.


I bring that up because that’s what Donald Trump did on Tuesday, folks. On the day he was set to clinch the Republican nomination. That’s how he celebrated. By letting his clear dementia just hang balls out for everyone to see. And when he was confronted about it today, he actually defended it. When he was confronted again later in the day, he gave an explanation that was even crazier than the original allegation itself.

So anyway, here we are back to the part where the President of the United States has at his fingertips the power to destroy all life on planet Earth.

Anybody who thinks it’s okay to put the obviously non compos mentis Donald Trump in that position should clearly never have their judgment trusted again – I don’t care what party Trump ostensibly represents in the general.


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