Ted Cruz Throws Down the Gauntlet: Who Would Trump Pick as his VP?

In a normal election cycle, I think it would be perfectly appropriate for Trump to defer announcing his choice for VP, or even to describe what it might look like, until he sees fit, which might well be right before the convention. But we are living in unprecedented times with a race that is dragging on for an unprecedented length. And with Cruz flat out announcing that he would pick Carly as his VP, the equation has changed, and we’re entitled to at least ask: who might Trump pick as his Vice President?

Trump has really said precious little about it, other than that he would want someone who is a politician, to help him navigate the waters of Congress. If we assume that Trump means what he says in this regard (never a very safe assumption), then that presumably rules out Ben Carson from consideration. Beyond that, we know very little. And for a guy who admits that he is more or less ignorant of the political process, aren’t Republican voters entitled to know who he might pick to help him navigate that? Won’t his pick matter substantively in terms of how he will govern?

Moreover, although Trump has convinced his supporters that he has sewn up the GOP nomination, surely the competent people on his team (if they exist) are telling him that he still needs some help getting over the final hurdles – and even if he doesn’t, he needs a lot of help catching Hillary. Wouldn’t it give Trump a leg up if he began openly discussing the issue now? If he has a rockstar in mind who’s willing to undergo his vetting process and stand through the humiliation of standing shoulder to shoulder with the world’s most obnoxious man for the next six months, wouldn’t it behoove him to have another high profile media surrogate to carry his message to the masses?

Trump has so many glaring deficiencies as a possible President that skeptical Republican voters deserve to know who he plans to fill them with. And if his answer is, essentially, “no one at all, I have a very good brain,” we deserve to know that, too – before it’s too late.

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