Someone Put Mike Pence on a Milk Carton

Mike Pence likes to portray himself as a warrior for conservative causes – as a hard line conservative who can get things done. There’s almost no question that he has Presidential ambitions in the future and when he runs, he’s going to try to position himself as Ted Cruz, but with executive experience.

Well, unexpectedly, Indiana has become ground zero for the Republican party’s existential crisis. Will the Republican party cave to a lifelong Democrat con artist and permanently become the party of xenophobia, economic illiteracy, and celebrity worship? Will we careen headlong into disaster for all downticket races in November, likely wiping out the House and Senate majorities in the process? Or will we at least have a chance to nominate an actual conservative to carry the banner forward?

What’s needed right now are warriors who are willing to stand up and do what’s right, which is to do everything possible to stop Donald Trump. Wisconsin had such a warrior in Scott Walker, whose endorsement and tireless campaigning down the stretch helped catapult Ted Cruz to victory.

Indiana has… Mike Pence. Even though the choice is very obviously between Cruz winning Indiana and Trump winning the nomination, Mike Pence can’t bring himself to make a decision whether he will endorse anyone at all in this race. Instead, he’s basically cowering in his office and hoping this whole thing blows over.

Make no mistake: if Trump is the nominee, and the November fallout is as bad as expected, people are going to remember those who helped Trump’s rise, either by actively aiding it or by standing idly on the sidelines at critical moments.

It’s decision time for Mike Pence. There are five days left. If he’s going to do something, he needs to do it now. Doing nothing will be remembered as aiding Trump, as well it should.

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