BREAKING: Cruz to Make a Major Announcement in Indiana Today at 4pm

Team Cruz has announced that they will make a major announcement today in Indiana at 4pm. They are being tight lipped about what the announcement might entail but there’s a lot of speculation that Cruz intends to announce that Carly Fiorina (or someone else) would be his VP choice.

Of course, it could be something less drastic, like an announcement by Mike Pence, who is the last major name to drop in Indiana. It could be some clarification on the supposed alliance with Kasich.

Here’s what’s clear, though: Indiana has become a must-win state for the non-Trump forces. What this means is that Cruz has to win it, because Kasich has no chance. Cruz has to do something to persuade Kasich voters of this fact, since Kasich himself is too stupid or too unwilling to do it himself. And the best way to do that is to do whatever is necessary to suck the wind out of Trump’s sails after his big (although eminently predictable) wins last night.