Nothing that Happened Today Changed Anything

It looks like Trump has swept the Northeast, as he was absolutely expected to do. Almost all of the voting simulations that have happened to date predicted that Trump would get all or nearly all of the delegates today. Save your freakout for another day.


It looks like some of the states, Trump will win by bigger margins than expected. Big deal. Cruz has done that plenty this election cycle, and no one treated that like the end of the world in Trump land.

This election, going forward, is still about Indiana and California. Cruz has to win in Indiana next Tuesday in order for the race to stay static. If Trump wins, the math becomes much more difficult for the anti-Trump forces. If you are a John Kasich supporter and you live in Indiana, voting for Kasich next Tuesday is the dumbest thing you could possibly do because it will just help ensure that Kasich will never see the contested convention that he needs.

Even if Trump wins Indiana, he can still be prevented from reaching 1,237, but only if Kasich quits pretty much immediately, and definitely before California.

That was the calculus when we woke up this morning, and it remains so today.

Anyone who is telling you differently is doing so out of one of two motivations. If they are media, they are doing so because their pecuniary interest demands it. Trump is good for ratings and the media wants to have him around for another six months.


If they are a conservative, it is because conservatives are prone to despair and dismay. It’s more or less our default setting sometimes. Conservatives have gotten so used to losing that it feels like it’s in our DNA.

As for me, I’m holding my despair, or even my dismay, for at least one more week. It is zero surprise to me that the diseased and defunct remnants of the GOP in the Northeast would support a corrupt huckster like Trump, and it holds zero real relevance to what is going to happen going forward.



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