CT, RI, MD, DE, PA Democrat Primary Results: Why is Hillary Still Losing States to Bernie?

The networks have already called three of the five states on the Democrat side for Hillary – it looks like she will win Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware, although not by the margins she had hoped. However, Bernie Sanders looks like he is going to win Rhode Island, and it looks like he may well end up winning Connecticut. You can find the full results here.

For all the chaos on the Republican side, which may well end up at a contested convention, the Democrats have to be at least a little concerned that Hillary Clinton continues to lose states, even though the Democrat race is essentially decided. The fact that Bernie continues to actually win states is indicative of more than just ideological preference or personal loyalty to Bernie, it is indicative of long simmering resentment that Democrats are going to have to deal with in November.

Unless, of course, the Republicans nominate Trump, then she will win in a cakewalk regardless. But in the event that John Kasich pulls his head out of his own rectal canal and smells the rotting corpse of his Presidential campaign and calls it a day, the Democrats are going to have to look at the possibility that their own failure to hear the concerns of their voters might well throw a national election to Ted Cruz.


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