Ken Buck is Confirmed for the RedState Gathering 2016 in Denver. Are You?

It’s that time of year again. Time for RedState readers to sign up for the annual RedState gathering. We are pleased to announce that this year will be holding it in beautiful Denver, Colorado, which will hopefully be a bit cooler than some of the previous years’ locations, which have basically all been the hottest places on earth.

We expect to have a tremendous lineup of speakers once again, including several sitting congressmen and Senators, and (depending on how the ongoing train wreck that is the Republican primary plays out) the Republican nominee for President. We are pleased to announce that Colorado Congressman Ken Buck will be present at this year’s gathering – will you?

Ken came to one of our very first RedState gatherings, and is a long time friend of the site. Ken decided to run for office in Colorado and very narrowly lost his first campaign for the United States senate because the GOP’s turnout program let him down, but he tried again and was elected to Congress in his home district. Ken is a great guy and one of many local conservative politicians we hope will be at this event.

Book your ticket today, and get an early bird discount on the registration and the hotel. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet the conservative leaders of tomorrow like Ken Buck. Be there in one of this year’s swing states as the top conservative officials in the country converge for an exiting program. We also hope to have almost all of the RedState contributors present and mingling about for you to meet in person, and the old boss Erick Erickson will be there as well.

Register for the RedState Gathering today before the price goes up and/or we sell out of tickets like we did last year. You won’t want to miss it!